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Welcome to the new Treefrog Games website

Treefrog Games is now the name for the company that used to be called Warfrog Games. The name change also marks a change in direction. For the last two years Warfrog only produced limited edition games. From now on designs will be reprinted depending on the level of demand. There will still be limited edition versions of some of our future releases.

The first game out of the gates will be Age of Industry, a development of ‘Brass’.

One thousand copies of the game will be signed and numbered, and have some components duplicated with custom wooden pieces. These will only be available directly from Treefrog. Age of Industry will be released the first week in June.

 The game is currently in production and will be available for pre order in the very near future. There have been a few issues with the new site which mean that we cannot currently accept pre orders.

Our second release scheduled for the Essen game fair will be London. The game has now completed its development phase and artwork is being sourced.


NEWS 17.3.10

Gettysburg will be shipping out this week.

There are a number of people asking if they can subscribe for just the first two games. The simple answer is no, however, each game will be available to pre order about a month before release, so if you do not want the two player game then you can just pre order the other two as they become available. With 1,000 special editions it’s unlikely that you are going to miss out.

Pre orders for Age of Industry will be taken from the 1st of May. The game will be released at the beginning of June.


Warfrog Becomes Treefrog

Lots of news today, so please pay attention.

Warfrog will be changing its name to Treefrog, so Gettysburg will be the last Warfrog game. The change of name is mainly to increase our appeal to the German market (A US soldier frog with a sub machinegun does not go down well with the family market over there). At some point between now and June the new Treefrog site will be up and running.

The subscription window is now open. We will be taking subscriptions for the next three Treefrog games up until the 30th of April. The three games in the subscription offer are

Age of Industry


A Few Acres of Snow

With Treefrog we will be switching to a new production model. Rather than producing 1500 copies of a title and then licensing it we will now be retaining the rights to future titles and reprinting if demand allows it. The first print run will normally be around 3000 units. Of these 1000 will be converted to a limited edition by the replacement of some components by custom made wooden pieces. These copies will be signed and numbered. The limited edition copies will only be available from Treefrog, they will not be available in shops.

If you wish to know more about subscribing to the next three Treefrog games then please click here.