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It’s on the way

We have been informed by our printers that Age of Industry is on the way to us. We expect delivery in the middle of next week. As the UK Games Expo is at the end of next week copies for the Expo will be organised first.

We have all the packages for pre-orders ready to receive games for posting so the shipping of subscription and pre-order copies may happen next week depending on when in the middle of the week the games get to us. If we don’t get the games out next week they will be shipped in the following week.


Age of Industry production update

Age of Industry is currently being printed and is expected at Treefrog HQ by the end of the month.

Once it arrives the limited edition versions will receive their upgrades and shipping will begin as soon as possible.

We are still taking pre-orders for the limited edition version of the game. Assuming that all the limited versions are not sold by then they will be on sale from our stand at the UK Games Expo in the first week of June.