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Limited edition of London no longer available on preorder

The volume of preorders for London has been the highest for any of our games to date. As we need to have a stock of games to take to Essen the limited edition is now not available on preorder.  If we do not sell all the limited edition copies of London at Essen then there may be a small number available direct from us after the show.

All orders placed already will receive the limited edition version of the game. Please don’t send e-mails to confirm this. If your order was placed before 16:30 GMT on the 23rd of September you are fine.


Age of Industry wins IGA multiplayer award

We were very pleased to be informed by the International Gamers Association that Age of Industry has won the 2010 general strategy multiplayer game of the year.  AoI is the second Martin Wallace game to win the IGA award and the first Treefrog game to do so. More details on the IGA and its awards can be found at


Frequently asked questions

A lot of people are asking the same questions regarding ordering London and how our games are produced in general. To save us having to give the same answers to everyone who enquires here they are:

  • People placing preorders will receive the limited edition version of the game with extra wooden components.
  • There will only be 1000 limited edition copies of each game which will only be available direct from Treefrog. We will announce on this site when the supply of limited edition games is exhausted.
  • Preordered copies of London will be shipped in mid October before the Essen game fair.
  • We cannot accept preorders or reservations for games to be collected at the Essen fair. There will be copies of the limited edition version of London at the fair but it is possible they may run out before the end of the weekend. There may be a few limited edition copies of Age of Industry but they wil definitley run out before the end of the show.

London is on the way

Things are progressing well with our Essen release London . Pre orders can now be placed and we will endeavour to get all pre orders shipped before we head over the Germany for the Essen show.