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Now the hard work starts

After a rather frustrating few days we finally took delivery of our games today (only 2 days after we expected them). The truck bringing them had neither a tail gate nor a palet truck so we had to manhandle 2 tons of games into the warehouse.

Anway they are there now, we are working through upgrading them to limited edition and will be shipping them out as soon as we can. At present it looks like we will be booking the collection truck for Tuesday.

Sorry again for the delay. It has been frustrating for us just waiting too.


Wow, what a show

Well, Essen went amazingly for us. Possibly too amazingly. We sold every copy of the game we had and other than the demo copies on the stand we sold them all by Friday afternoon. The demo copies were auctioned for charity on the Sunday, more details on the generous/lucky players who won the auction will be provided soon.

We are expecting delivery of the remaining games this Wednesday and will turn around the preorders as fast as we can. If we are fast we might manage it by the end of the week, if not then early next week.

As Mayfair and Esdevium have taken a significant orders to distribute in the US and UK respectively it looks like we will be completely out of copies as soon as they arrive. Because of this I am removing London from sale from our site.

We are working with a number of companies to look at more distribution in other countries and a reprint of the game is likely sooner rather than later. More news on this and many other developments soon.


And we’re off

The van is packed and the lead party have headed off towards Essen.

We have the limited edition components for London in the van, all we have to do now is hope that the games that these components are to me married up with arrive at the show halls on time.


The best laid plans…

We were expecting delivery of the games today or tomorrow however when we checked with the printers we got something of a shock. It is now clear that we are not going to get the games in the UK before the Essen fair.

The games are printed and are currently being collated so we will have stock in Essen but there is not enough time for the collation process to finish and the games to make it to our warehouse before we depart to the show.

We have to apologise sincerely for this delay, it is due to unforseen circumstances delaying work at the printers. All we can do is to get the games shipped to us to arrive as soon as we get back from Essen and get the games in the post at that point.