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Postage costs

Julia has had a number of customers asking if a reduction in postage costs is possible if multiple games are bundled together. I’m afraid the answer is no, for the simple reason that that is not the way the Royal Mail’s pricing system works. The rise in postage costs over 2kg outweighs any savng in parcelling goods together, so I’m afraid all items have to go individually.


The Final Sale

We are now back from our travels. Many thanks to the organisers and visitors at Kublacon for making our visit so enjoyable.

Some of you may already know that we intend to emigrate to New Zealand early next year. Progress has been quicker than we first thought and so we are having to rush the closure of our warehouse. We have to be out of the premises by the end of June. Consequently we are holding a sale to get rid of as many games as possible before then.

The sale will end June 29th to give us time to process the final orders. After that date Treefrog will cease all direct sales to the public. In future you will need to ask your local store or check online about acquiring our games.