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BRASS goes mobile!


Press Release from Phalanx and Cublo Games.

BRASS goes mobile!

One of the best games in the World (ranked 14th on BoardGameGeek) goes mobile!

We are honored to announce that PHALANX and CUBLO have begun the process of creating an electronic version of Brass for both iOS and Android.

concept-art-coal-mineAs in the original game, players take the roles of entrepreneurs attempting to make the highest amount of money from various industries of the time. The players start the game at the beginning of the Canal Age and end after the development of railways.

This year, at the SPIEL Game Fair in Essen you will have the first opportunity to see the game in progress. We will be presenting the concept art illustrations and the first screenshots. You will also have the chance to meet and speak with the designers. A lot of work is ahead of them, but we are sure that playing this game will be a big pleasure for the fans of Brass. The designers assure that also those people who don’t know the original Brass will have fun and that the amount of rules will not overwhelm them.

The premiere is planned for autumn 2015. You can follow the progress of work on the website and at our Facebook page.


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