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A Handful of Stars



A Handful of Stars is an epic game of space exploration and conquest for two to four players and takes around 120 minutes to complete.


It was the aftermath of the time known as the ‘Great Cosmic Ripple’. For reasons not fully understood by the scientists of the time the empires of the Arm had been ripped apart and spread randomly among the stars, as if shaken around in a large box!

It is now time for the space faring races of the Voltare Arm to reunite with their own and put back together what had been so terribly disrupted. Great space eets are now embarking on missions to re-establish their empires while conquering those star systems that happen to be in the way.

Your challenge is to lead one of the seven races of the Arm in consolidating your empire and invading new worlds. You will need to build eets of ships, research new technologies, plan long-term strategies and ride the waves left from the ‘Great Cosmic Ripple’.

The components


A selection of cards, including tech cards, inhabitable and uninhabitable system cards, race cards and race ability cards.


Some of the counters and tiles


The player display

A Handful of Stars board

The board



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