Age of Industry

Age Of Industry


The Age of Industry second edition includes an updated rulebook and a French translation.

Age of Industry has been in development for a few years now. You would think doing a streamlined version of an already existing game, Brass, would be easy. Well, if it is then I have the knack of making it feel difficult. Many hours have been spent developing the game so that it retains the flavour of the original but plays in a much shorter period of time. Personally I feel that this objective has been achieved, although there will be some who disagree (aren’t opinions wonderful things). You can now play what is still a challenging economic game in around ninety minutes (once familiar with the rules). If you found Brass to intimidating then Age of Industry is a much better game to start with.

Age of Industry allows for up to five players. It may be playable by two but I’ve never got around to testing it with that number. I’m sure somebody on Boardgamegeek will come up with a variant to allow you to play with two players. There are two maps in the box, one showing Germany, the other New England. The components in the game are not specific to any one map, so there will be expansion maps in the future.

To find out more about the game then please feel free to download the rules:
Age of Industry 2nd edition rules (pdf)
Age of Industry 2nd edition rules – German (pdf)
Age of Industry 2nd edition rules – French (pdf)