Let’s Take A Hike

Lets Take a Hike


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Let’s Take a Hike is designed by Aaron Lauster and was released by StrataMax Games at Essen. Treefrog is selling the game on behalf of Stratamax.

In Let’s Take a Hike players draw cards of useful items such as water bottles and tents, add them to their hand, and play them onto the table into their backpacks. When a player is ready, he announces that he is taking a hike. The other players may join the hike or wait to take a hike at a better time. Hiking comes with risks as players may have to use up the items in their backpacks to continue hiking and they may encounter raccoons, bears and skunks that all have their own special way of “welcoming” the hikers into the woods.

Lets Take a Hike Cards

Timing when to be the Lead Hiker, when to join a hike, when to wait until another time, and when to play the hazard cards drive the players’ decisions.

With it’s engaging art and fast, tension filled push your luck play Let’s Take a Hike is ideal for the entire family yet has enough timing and planning elements to present experienced gamers with interesting choices.

For 2-5 intrepid hikers

Ages 5 and up

Approximately 30 minutes