Moongha Invaders

Moongha Invaders


Moongha Invaders was designed as a commission for the Italian game show PLAY. I was asked to design a game based on the monster figures they use to promote the show. The result was Moongha Invaders, a game about monsters attempting to destroy the world. Only 650 copies were printed, and it seems that there is some demand for a reprint. The game would look amazing with plastic figures, but Treefrog would not be able to cover the upfront production costs involved. As a consequence I am planning Treefrog’s first Kickstarter project. If all goes well then it should be launched sometime this month (October).

Artwork has been commissioned from Tim Huesken, who has already made great progress in re-imagining the game.

If you are not familiar with the game you can check out the rules here:
Moongha Invaders Rules – English (PDF)

You can also look on BGG to see what people think about the game.

More information will be released once I have a better idea of the shape of the project.

Moongha Invaders


Two Player Moongha

This is the Kickstarter $60,000 goal. Prototype details here