Old Men of the Forest

Old Men of the Forest - cover

Old Men of the Forest is a simple card game for three to four players where your aim is to save as many orangutans as possible from deforestation. To save one of these great apes you must cash in a certain number of prize cards. Game play is a little like ‘whist’, where players play one card each and the highest wins. The twist here is that not only does the winner win something but so to does the player who comes second. When you ‘win’ a card you take one of the cards played to the table, but not your own, with the player who played the highest card choosing first. You can then cash in the cards you have won up to now for one of the orangutan cards. The second twist is that you must cash in all of your cards, and any surplus ones count as points against you. Thus you have to consider whether you cash in early for a low point card or collect more cards for a high point card but run the risk of penalty points.

Old Men of the Forest - back

All of the profits from the sales of Old Men of the Forest will be donated to the Orangutan Foundation UK. Some of you may be aware that Sir Terry Pratchett is on the board of trustees, which is a clue as to why Treefrog is producing such a game.

The game will be available at Essen 2011. After the show we will be making the game available to the general public. Treefrog will also be taking the game to as many Discworld conventions as possible, the closest one to the launch date being Ireland.

Download the rules
English rules (PDF)
German rules (PDF)


Here is a selection of the cards
Old Men of the Forest cards