Treefrog Subscriptions 2014

We have decided to re-introduce the Treefrog Limited Editions and the subscription offer for 2014.

For more details of the three games, which include Mythotopia and Ships, and how to subscribe go to the Subscription page.


Just wanted to make you aware that from now on all sales in North America will be handled by Cool Stuff, Inc. The main reason for this is that Ascendia charge $75 for data entry every time we send them a spreadsheet with orders on. For the initial KS shipments this was OK. Now that the rate of orders has slowed down this is not financially viable, so we have asked Cool Stuff to take over.

In a similar vein, in Australia, The Games Capital in Canberra are taking our direct sales.


Study In Emerald Poster

emerald_poster The poster for A Study in Emerald is available to download:
A Study in Emerald – Poster (zip file 80MB)


Christmas break

Julia and I will be taking a break from work over the Christmas period, so if you have issues contacting us then please be patient. Julia has family over and so needs to spend some time catching up with them.We will be returning to the office on January 7th.

Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Martin and Julia


Field of Glory on Sale Now

Field of Glory: the Card Game is now ready to ship to the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

(UK & EU Customers please note: The UK fulfilment company will have copies in December so it will be cheaper to wait until then to order your copy of the game.)



Outstanding order situation

We have now secured the services of another order fulfillment company in the UK. The stock will be moved to the new warehouse this Tuesday. We have been assured that extra staff will be brought in to clear the backlog of orders. Once we have sent out all of the Witches we can get on with shipping A Study in Emerald. I’m sorry that there has been such a delay in getting games out. When Julia and I were packaging orders ourselves we could do around five hundred in a day. It has taken Forbidden Planet about five weeks to send out three hundred games. Julia also now has the problem that FP have mixed up the spreadsheets with names and addresses on so she now has to go through them carefully to work out which orders have been sent. The whole situation has been a nightmare for us. Hopefully all orders for the Witches will be in the post in the next seven to ten days. Once again, thanks for your patience in this matter.


Direct Sales Issues

A big apology to all of you who have ordered The Witches Collector’s Edition and have not yet received your copy. All we can say is we are doing all we can to rectify the situation. The problem is that the company dealing with order fulfilment are simply not up to the task.

As a consequence A Study in Emerald and Field of Glory: the Card Game will not be made available for sale until we have secured the services of a reliable order fulfilment company.


Field of Glory Update

The issue we had with Slitherine has been resolved today and the Field of Glory Card Game will be on sale at the Treefrog stand in Essen.


The Witches Shipping News

We apologise for the delay in getting copies of The Witches Collector’s Edition out of the door. Unforeseen logistical issues seem to be plaguing us at the moment. The latest news is that the games are with the order fulfillment company and will be sent out this week. Thanks for your patience.


Field of Glory News

Slitherine, the licensees of Field of Glory: the Card Game have requested that we remove all mention of the product from our website and destroy the recently printed copies. Consequently, this game will not be available for sale, either at Essen or from our website. We have also removed all mention of the product from this website.