Subscriptions 2014

The 2014 subscription window is now closed.

The Treefrog Subscription Plan for 2014

The New Year is here and Treefrog is going back in time, to 2008 to be exact. We have decided to go back to limited editions and the subscription offer.

The subscription offer will be for three games. Each of these titles will be produced in two forms, the limited edition and the standard edition. The limited edition versions will have wooden pieces rather than cardboard counters and they will all be numbered and signed. Each copy will not contain a poster and no t-shirts or mugs will be included in the offer. Only fifteen hundred limited edition copies will be produced, with no possibility of a reprint in that form.

The Treefrog Subscriber Prize Draw

We’ve managed to secure some limited edition collectible ray guns (non-operational) from Weta and will be pulling subscribers’ names from a hat to see which of the lucky subscribers will be receiving them. Don’t worry, there are no questions that need to be answered. We will be doing the draw in June.

The top prize will be the Victorious Mongoose Concealable Ray Pistol and two runner-up prizes of the Righteous Bison Indivisible Particle Smasher


The Games

The first game to be produced will be Mythotopia, which was originally going to be released by Asmodee. However, they have now decided to take one of my other designs, thus returning the rights to Mythotopia to Treefrog. We are aiming to have the game ready by July. You can find out more about the design here.

The second game will be Ships and is about the history of shipping, following on from Automobile. This is an economic/development game with almost zero luck. It plays with two to five players and takes around two hours to complete. I really like the way this game has turned out. It takes you from the dawn of shipping to the 1940s. It has a progression track similar to that in Automobile but with a different set of mechanisms built around it. The rules are actually quite short for one of my designs, but there is a lot going on in the game. You can read a little more about the game here.

onward-to-venus-cover4Onward To Venus
Onward to Venus is set in the retro sci-fi world created by Greg Broadmore. In this alternative reality space travel exists in an end-of-the-nineteenth century setting. There are planets and moons all waiting to be settled and exploited, although the local inhabitants might kick up a fuss. The game is based on the lusciously illustrated Doctor Grordbort books, and allows two to five players to travel around the Solar System, settling worlds with the help of the various weapons created by Doctor Grordbort.


Limited Availability

Only six hundred subscriptions will be available from Treefrog. A further six hundred copies of each game will be available for purchase via the internet once the game is produced and three hundred will be available to buy at Essen. Treefrog will not be taking pre-orders for these games. If you want to guarantee getting a copy of each game then you need to subscribe. The subscription window will be open until May 31st 2014.

Please do not request a particular number. In the old days I could sign each box personally. Now I’m based in New Zealand this is a little harder to do. What I will be doing is signing stickers which will then be placed inside the packaging.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself at
or Julia at