The Last Treefrog Game

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A Handful of StarsTreefrog is both pleased and saddened to announce the imminent release of A Handful of Stars which will be the very last game that will be published under our label.

I have decided that it is better for me to focus on my core strength, which is game design, and leave matters of production and marketing to others. There will be plenty more ‘Martin Wallace’ designs in the future, they will just lack the Treefrog logo.

A Handful of Stars is the final game in an unintended trilogy. It is a space themed game that builds on the concepts and mechanisms first seen in A Few Acres of Snow, then developed in Mythotopia. Rather than bore you by going into lots of detail about the game, the rules are posted on this site so that you can download them. If you have played either of the two former games then much of what you will find here will be familiar.


A Handful Of Stars


We will be printing 2500 copies in all, all with English language rules. There will be no collector’s edition, just one version of the game. I have already sold the rights to the game to Fantasy Flight Games, who may or may not print a new version at some time. They purchased the system so that they could use the core mechanics for other games, so I have no idea what their plans are for this game.

All of the files are now ready to go to the printer’s. To help with cash-flow we will be making the game available for pre order. If you live in the USA then you are best ordering the game from either Grey Fox, Board Game Geek or Stratamax. Those lucky Canadians can go to BoardGameBliss. If you live in the UK or Europe then you are best ordering the game from Gameslore. For Australia and New Zealand you will need to order from The Games Capital in Canberra. For those folks in other parts of the world then simply take your pick from the above, but shipping costs will be higher. Hopefully the games will be ready to ship by March 2017 – it takes about eight weeks to print the game, plus a little extra time for seasonal holidays.

I would like to thank in advance all of those people who take the plunge and pre-order the last Treefrog game. I would also like to thank the folks at Grey Fox, Board Game Geek, Stratamax, BoardGameBliss, Gameslore and The Games Capital for helping to facilitate sales of the game.

Finally, a massive thanks to all of those people who have supported myself and Julia over the years, either by buying our games or just being there when help was required.

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